changing of the seasons

Okay so for those of you who read my blog last week, you’ll know that I was having some doubts about my future and whether that lay at university or elsewhere. But right now sitting on my bed with bags packed around me at home, I’m ready to go back to university.

I have no real explanation as to why I was questioning my future at university, but I think everyone has those moments of self doubt where they think ‘I don’t know if I can really do this’. I mean I get that everyday in other aspects of my life, like with YouTube or my blogging, I always find myself questioning whether I am actually good enough or whether it is really worth it. But then I remember the reasons why I do it, I do it because I love it.

So I think I just had to have that realisation that I have with YouTube and blogging, but with university. I mean I’m there because; despite what I said in previous blogs, I love education and I love to learn. I love being independent and I love the new experiences and the new people I’m meeting daily.

Yes, maybe I do not find some aspects of my course interesting, but it was only after having some conversations with supportive friends that I realised that I didn’t particularly enjoy certain aspects of my GCSEs or A Levels (exams taken between ages 16-18 in the UK), so I guess that it is going to be something that’ll always be apart of education, you can’t love it all.

So when it came down to it and deciding whether I wanted carry on with university or forge my career in the media through interning, blogging and YouTube. I chose university, purely on the basis that my career and where I want to be in media is actually not sustainable enough at this point in time, but the fact of the matter is that I can continue on blogging, creating YouTube videos and interning in the summers as well as getting my degree at university. It just seemed like the obvious choice to me.

So to conclude, I should really finish packing as my Mum will probably shout at me if I don’t hurry the f*ck up. But in all seriousness I’m ready to go back to Manchester, I’ve really missed it, and all my friends too. But above all I’m ready to work hard and get this bloody degree!



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