Post exam party life

Okay wow, so I have been pretty awful at blogging and keeping my social media updates recently, apologies to all. Not quite sure if I remember telling you guys but I have had exams recently and I’d been working pretty hard toward them, but since completing them it seems like everyone has pretty much gone party crazy.

The not waking up till 2pm most days and on the odd occasion I roll into a morning lecture there is a 80% chance I’ll be hungover. Now let me tell you now that this is not a great lifestyle to lead, I probably have about one proper meal a day at the moment due to the fact that I am just constantly sleeping, recovering from the night before or catching up on the lecture that I slept through earlier that day. Don’t get me wrong I’m having an amazing time, but I think that this is happening due to a kind of mob mentality.

If one person in our group chat wants to go out, then that means they’ll spend the remainder of the day trying to break the others in the chat so that they all go out too. And before you know it, it’s 5am and you’ve got a portion of cheesy chips in hand whilst trying to stop your friend from texting their ex or vomiting on a homeless person. And then the following afternoon you wake up and spend the next hour contemplating your life choices, with a pinch with self loathing and heavy dosage of paracetamol. REPEAT.

So right now I’ve decided I’m going to have a detox for the next few days and try to test myself and my will power to see if I can not go out with my friends and actually try and get some work done this week.

Challenge accepted.

I’ll report back in a few days time on my excursions and in the mean time I hope all you guys are having a great February.

Ben x


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