A New Beginning

Hey everyone, for those of you that are still there and reading this, thank you for sticking around the past eight months, so much has changed.

IMG_3498.jpgI feel like I owe you guys a massive apology and a some justification. The reason for my long break was a combination of reasons; at the time I put it down to my exams and wanting to focus on University but when it really comes down to it I kind of fell out of love with YouTube.

Ever since arriving at university in September 2014 my already present doubts about YouTube were definitely confirmed, these doubts being that I was selling myself out and just becoming the same generic British boy blob that many end up becoming. (This isn’t a dig at those that fit that category but it is something that I didn’t want to be apart of).

I didn’t want to sit there every week doing tags and making meaningless collaboration videos that I simply did not care about at all. I wanted to do something different and get some originality and refund my personality.

A lot of this was not helped by the fact that I am currently signed to Awesomeness TV, and I am under a two-year contract with them ending this July. I am not dissing Awesomeness TV but the way they function doesn’t work well with me and I don’t really feel like I’m apart of their community and nor do I want to be.

At first the management were attentive, but with them being based in LA and me in England it became increasingly harder to get in-touch with them to the point where my own advisor/manager was no longer responding to me. I have tried to get out of the contract but they claim it is impossible. So unfortunately I have been kind of stuck, and will continue to be until July 8th 2016, when I can finally end my contract.

Fortunately Awesomeness TV have not asked me to keep making videos, so over the summer I just decided that I didn’t want to be apart of YouTube anymore, and I didn’t want to associate myself with my channel.

It eventually got to the point last Easter, where I was making videos about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction, and no disrespect to any of you that were truly upset by this, but being a nineteen year-old male I really didn’t care and was creating the videos for the wrong reasons.

It stopped being about what I loved and was passionate about, and just became something that I thought other people wanted to see/hear.

So with it being 2016, it is time rejuvenate and evolve. I don’t want to be the same old generic YouTuber anymore, I want to be me.

So slowly I’m starting to figure out what that is. I’m really passionate about: travel, music, the university (college) lifestyle, festivals and lots of other things.

I want to do videos about the things I love; I want to show you all cheap ways to travel the world, my favourite music of that week and cool events/activities that you should try out.

Now I understand what I’m describing to you now may not be what you initially subscribed to, and if some of you choose to unsubscribe that is absolutely understandable. But if you want to get to know the real me, then stick around, because I’ll be blogging, tweeting, instagramming and of course vlogging the things I really love and care about.

I hope you’re all there to see it.

Much love, Ben



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