New Music Monday


So I thought it was time to branch out and let you guys get to know my music taste a little better. I’m not actually sure whether I’ll release these every Monday as yet but we’ll see how it goes.

Anyways I thought I’d introduce you guys to three tracks that I’m currently loving at the moment and hopefully you’ll enjoy too.artworks-000112886479-ei2pvj-t500x500
One of my favourite tracks of 2016 so far has to be Mura Masa’s ‘FireFly’. Mura Massa (also known as Alex Crossman) is an electronic DJ from Guernsey (a channel Island off England) and is actually a month younger than myself, which is super depressing.

This aside the track brings an indie-electronic vibe with its up beat and catchy chorus. The track has a sort of ‘ready for 2016’ kind of vibe to it working concurrently with trippy voice synthesisers and riffs. Mura Masa is a must listen to talent, you heard it here everyone.

UnknownThe next track, again keeping with the child indie-electronica vibe is ‘Jagged’ by ATTLAS. Coming from the mau5trap label, the label spearheaded by legendry DJ Deadmou5,
ATTLAS brings progressive electronic sounds with this track, the song takes you to a relaxing Californian beach day vibe with lots of hazy instagram filters added for good measure. The wistful track is definitely one of my favourites for 2016 thus far (coming from his 2015 Nov EP ‘Sin’), doesn’t fail to get you day dreaming about those looming lazy summer days.


frances-grow-lyricsThe final track I want to talk about is ‘When it comes to us’ by Frances (ft RITUAL). Being an avid fan of RITUAL already, I was really excited by this
track. Frances is a young British girl on the verge of a breakthrough. Much like the prior mentioned Mura Masa she has been nominated for the ‘Sounds of 2016’ award, run by the BBC. The soft vocals of the track are truly moving and so relaxing. It’s your classic pop chill out music, a great song to kick back and relax with your thoughts. I can see this girl going on to big things this year so keep an eye out people.

Hope you enjoyed this slightly new style blog guys, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Take care, Ben









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