Should you go to University? Part 2

Okay so earlier in the week there was, annoyingly, an error with the posting process of my last blog. The error ended up cutting the last half of the blog off so unfortunately I actually only realized this today, so apologies for making zero sense at the end of my last post.

However, in my last post I spoke about degree choice and how crucial it is. But today I want to cover how important picking the correct university for YOU is.

Picking the correct university is really tough, especially when there are so many out there. I think a key point I should raise is that you should not go to a university for the sake of going. University is an expensive investment, and if you’re going to a polytechnic or non-Russell Group University to study photography, is it really worth your £9,000 per year tuition fees?

Bear in mind there are photography courses that can be done which don’t result in you having to pay such a large amount of money. Or doing an apprenticeship, where you’re actually paid to do it instead.

The only thing that gives me some solace when thinking about the degree I have chosen is the fact that I go to a good Russell Group University. And when I come away, I can (fingers crossed) say “I got a 1st class degree from the University of Manchester”.

Many would regard the institution you were educated in to be more important than the course you actually studied, (obviously not if you studied medicine to be come a doctor etc). But if your course isn’t specifically career orientated, like the humanities and to an extent the sciences, then the institution in which you’re educated is probably more important than your chosen course.

One thing I would say though, is that if you’re chosen course is specific to a certain university and that is the most effective and best way to learn about the subject, then I would go there, but otherwise I would try to make sure that being apart of the Russell group Universities.

I don’t want to shit on the polytechnic universities, but I think it is definitely something to bear in mind.

Leave comments down below and let me know what you all think about it guys!

Take care,



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