a quick thank you

Hey everyone, I just want to take this chance to say a massive thank you for the support I received for my comeback video.

I hadn’t been on YouTube for over 10 months and a million things were going through my mind before I posted it, the key being fear.

I was chatting with my housemate earlier this month and he was saying how he was scared to get back into playing the piano. In the past he’d played in famous orchestras, tutored young children and played in a few bands. But after not playing for a few years, he had the fear of returning and not being as good as he was.

Essentially that was my issue; I was terrified of coming back and not being what my viewers wanted anymore. Having people unsubscribe from my channel or receiving comments like ‘I liked the old Ben’ was toying with my mind.

I ended up filming the video about five different times because I wanted it to be right, and after such a long time out I felt like a novice again. Staring into a camera and talking to myself in an empty room is quite a strange feeling, but vividly nostalgic.

Once I posted I held my breath and thought, “I’m not expecting people to view this, but if anyone does or even comments then that is a bonus”.

I should never have doubted you guys…

The overwhelming reception I got was actually totally expected, not because of me, but because of you guys, the people that view my videos. You have always been their supporting me and I am so grateful to have you.

I can’t wait to be creating content for you guys again soon!

Thanks again,



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