The US of A

So I’ve been in The States for nearly two weeks now, and I can honestly say it has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had.

I’ve visited The US a few times before with family, but nothing on this scale. Travelling alone and with friends in an unfamiliar country, thousands of miles away from home is an experience, to say the least.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that many people my age go travelling alone to further foreign lands, to countries that don’t abide by the western culture that I’m accustomed to. But all the same, this trip has been an experience I’ll never forget.

At this point now I feel like I have enough material to get some serious blogging done and videos edited.

I arrived in New York on the 17th of March, at JFK. I was staying in an apartment in Clinton Hill (an area of Brooklyn) with my two best friends from university Oscar and Guy. We toured every corner of Manhattan and Brooklyn for six days, until early hours of the 23rd of March, when we bussed it south to Washington, DC.

From there we spent an eventful four days lodging in the stunning College Park, at The University of Maryland (which was Guy’s accommodation for the semester). Along with exploring the sights of the nation’s captial, whilst being bathed in sunshine.

From DC, we headed back north, again on an overnight bus to Manhattan. However, this time leaving Guy behind in College Park, as his Spring Break was over.

We spent two nights in the hipster neighbourhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This area was by far my favoured of NYC, the easy going lifestyle of sitting in coffee shops and people watching is something I could definitely get on board with as a full time kinda thing.

My next destination was a few subway stops further into Brooklyn, an area called Bushwick, which possessed many of the qualities of Williamsburg but with a splash of ethnic diversity which was something I was yet to see in Brooklyn.

I won’t go too far into it here as I want to blog about it later, but in all the places I’ve stayed prior to Bushwick, there has been a noticeable element of cultural segregation.

For example, the area Clinton Hill we stayed in was much more Afro-Carribean. But if you headed a few blocks north,  it drastically changes into a very Jewish area, so much so that even the school bus’ singage were written in Hebrew.

This may well have been a total consicdence but my travelling companions had a similar thought process.

Nevertheless, for the second half of my journey I’ll be solo for the time being as Oscar headed back to the UK yesterday.

Currently I’m based in a beaut appartment in Bushwick, an area which at the moment seems to be a real mix of everything, including hispanic/afro-carribean/white etc. And it is quickly becoming my favourite location in NYC.

I’ll be staying here till April fools day, which is when I’ll head even further north to the currently chilly city of Boston, MA. I’ll spend the weekend in the city before meeting my Dad to spend the week skiing just outside Boston.

From there sadly it will be home time, where I’ll take part in a hellish fifteen hour journey hom via Iceland, which I am dreading, but it’s all part and parcel of travel.

Can’t wait to share all the things I’ve learnt/ seen with you guys.




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