The Best Coffee Spots in Brooklyn

Okay so I’ve been spending a lot of time in Brooklyn lately and been indulging way too much in the coffee scene. Both my bank account and newfound caffeine infused insomnia would vouch for me.

However, with that I’ve been able to identify some of the coolest coffee spots in and around Brooklyn.

The first coffee house I wanna talk about is Black Brick, situated just off Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg. It’s in a super chilled out area of Williamsburg, although the space is small the coffee was insane.


Lots of indie-type bloggers with their MacBooks dotted around the place, making it the perfect destination for some quiet time. A chance to catch up on the news, work or emails.

Another point is that the staff were super friendly, one girl in particular went out of her way to make sure we were all sorted with everything we wanted. The prices were also super reasonable, would definitely recommend.

My next must-seedestination is Devocion. Again, a part of Williamsburg’s hipster community, situated in the slightly quieter Grand Street. I arrived At Devocion on Easter Sunday, running off no sleep after an over night bus from Washington, DC. Being unable to check-in to our apartment till 2pm, we had to entertain our zombiefied-selves elsewhere.


Upon arrival at Devocion(8am-ish ), we were unsure as to whether it would be open as seemingly everywhere else was pretty dead. As we approached there was a barista outside having a cig, he told us they’d opened for the day I honestly could have shed a tear.

Going back to the place itself, although from the outside it doesn’t look all that, it was stunning inside. It was a huge space with a massive skylight filling the room up with a natural brightness, coupled with lots of greenery and spacious seating. It was the perfect remedy.


Again the coffee was excellent, my only issue with the place was that a croissant and an Americano cost me around $10, which came as a slight surprise but I’d argue that you’re paying for venue along with the general vibe of the place, along with the coffee.

Whilst there was the stereotypical clientele typing away on their Apple Mac’s, I got a much bigger family vibe from this place. It was seemingly a key spot for young hipster-ish families to partake in their weekend coffee-morning catch up.

The final, and possibly my favourite spot so far in Brooklyn was a small place toward Bushwick, called Little Skips. I travelled to Little Skips solo and was told it had some of the best quality coffee in the area, the rumours were not wrong.

Initially I went in to grab a coffee to then go about my day, but I loved the place and vibe so much I ended up staying for about six hours haha.


They had a refillable coffee system in place where once you’d bought your initial cup it was then cheaper to refill etc, along with their great refill policy it was also super cheap, coming in at around $2.50 per cup, bargain.


The staff are also great, there was a group of four or five of them laughing and joking around, I got a really friendly heart-warming vibe from the place.

I should also add that their food was f*cking insane. Since I’m fairly skint I went for one of the cheaper options, which was a grilled cheese ($6), and believe me it was worth every cent. For whatever reason in the UK we don’t do grilled cheese’s right, because this was like nothing I’d ever had at home.

Trust me, if you’re in Brooklyn I would highly recommend checking out this place.

Right, that’s all from me, see you guys soon.

Ben x


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