A fitting end, roll on summer

So I have now finished my second year of university, it is actually insane to think that when I return in September it will be my final year and the big scary real world will just be round the corner. Whilst the prospect of this is terrifying it’s equally just as exciting and I honestly can’t wait to see what my future beholds.

The future aside, I want to talk a little bit about the last few weeks and my upcoming adventures.

My second year exams actually went surprisingly well, I’ve slowly regained confidence in myself but also realised that, like anything, if you put the time and effort in you can do anything you set your mind to. Despite the fact that I am yet to receive my results, I am in good spirits and for once and actually not dreading the prospect of results day.

In my final few weeks I also had to come up with a dissertation proposal, this proved to be slightly difficult at first but I am excited to get stuck in, whilst in a slight state of disbelief that the time to write it has actually come.

I know I keep going on about how time has gone so fast, but it really has done, it only feels like yesterday I was first moving in my uni halls. Nevertheless, second year came to a natural end, I always get this feeling toward the end of a semester that everything is coming to a fitting end. A combination of not wanting to be in that environment anymore as well as just wanting a general change of scenery, I think I’ve definitely got a case of itchy feet and like to keep things fresh.

Whilst I had a brilliant second year, it is the end of an era, a lot of my really close friends won’t be returning in third year as they’ll be doing a work placement/ year in industry- it’s quite hard to process knowing that you’re never going to have something in the same way again. Nevertheless, change is good, and nothing lasts forever.

And with that it’s led me to the fact that I’m really happy to be home, I’ve hardly been here since Christmas and it has just been nice to spend time with old friendly faces and family. This downtime is exactly what I need right now, a chance to recover from Pangaea and Parklife festival, two festivals we went visited to celebrate the ending of exams, which absolutely killed me off, hence needing this much needed break, a calm before the storm.

I’ll be heading to Leeds this weekend to support my friend Oscar, as he is running a night in Leeds called Treehouse UK– which has recently been named ‘night of the month’ by the online music collective Flux.

Treehouse is a live audio and visual experience, showcasing the best in underground music and art. It’s going to be a great night, it always is. I’ll leave some of the Treehouse links below so you can all take a closer look at their super alternative instagram and other musings if you’re interested.

Finally, my trip to Leeds will be the last thing I do in the UK before I embark upon my summer adventure of travelling Europe. I am bouncing off the walls excited and cannot wait to go, I’ll go in to some more detail in another blog. But that’s all from me for now.

See you guys soon,








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