Parklife Festival tips, the do’s and don’ts for 2017





So for the second year in a row in 2016 I attended the Manchester based festival Parklife. Much like 2015 there were some brilliant acts on show in Heaton Park, and I had a great weekend with my friends, with us all us being students at the University of Manchester, it was a no-brainer for us to make the trip, especially as we bagged early bird tickets for £89.

That leads me to my first ‘do’, which is to make sure you are signed up for the presale, this allows you to buy a ticket at a discounted price meaning you get to enjoy a two day, large-scale festival for a bargain price.

When you break it down and assess the artists on show, the price of £45 per day is a no brainer really when the legends like The Chemical Brothers are on show.

Nevertheless, this leads me to my first ‘don’t’ whilst The Chemical Brothers were awesome, they were on the main stage. This for me personally was the worst stage by a long way as I generally found there to be huge crowds and poor sound quality, so in conclusion –avoid the main stage like the plague.

Nevertheless there are some stages that are a massive ‘do’ visit, for example The Temple, a stage curated by The Warehouse Project. The atmosphere and sound quality was absolutely amazing and when you are right in there and up close you can feel the techy beats thudding through your insides.

This leads me to another ‘do’, whilst The Temple was an amazing stage, it was by far the muddiest. Essentially where I’m going with this is make sure you check the weather and dress appropriately. I made the huge error of ignoring all the signs and not wearing wellies (partly because 2015 was dryish and that wasn’t an issue). This year however I had to deal with taking my shoes off and having a muddy esc tan line that looked like my ankles had spent a month in the sun, but in reality I had taken half of Heaton Park back with me, splattered around my ankles.

My final ‘don’t’ refers to transport to the festival. Essentially Parklife encourages you to buy a ‘travel pass’ at a reasonably priced £10. The pass takes you to the festival and back to central Manchester both days, however whilst this seems like a good idea, trust me it’s not.

This applies mainly to the students of Manchester that live in Fallowfield/Withington, as you can buy a weekend tram pass for £5.80, that allows you to get the tram from Withington, all the way to Heaton Park and back for the whole weekend (same line too, meaning you do not have to change trams at all).

The only catch is that you cannot use the Parklife buses, but this is a minor set back for such a major revelation. The tram pass is also great for those of you just returning back to Manchester, as it is still far cheaper then the travel pass that Parklife itself offers. You can find the travel pass on the Manchester Metrolink website.

My final point is a ‘do’ and this is to KNOW YOUR EXIT. What I mean by this is that leaving the festival is absolute carnage, 90,000 people trying to get out of a park all at once is a recipe for disaster so I’d encourage you to make three decisions. Know which exit (of which there are three) will get you to where you need to be the fastest.

Point number two is maybe considering leaving the final act five minutes early. I know it sounds really boring but honestly getting a jump on the rest of crowd makes such a huge difference, especially if you’re not that bothered about hearing ‘Just’ by Bicep for the millionth time.

However, the final decision you can make is to just get so fucked that you do not care, intoxicate yourself with whatever you can and hopefully you’ll wake up the next morning in your own bed.

Anyways that is all my Parklife ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’, and if you’re going in 2017 I hope some of these tips come in useful!


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