Day of the Dam,my summer travels


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Amsterdam loves bicycles 



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city center dawdling



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Oscar being animated – ft. Beer


So my crazy adventure kicked off in the picturesque Dutch capital, Amsterdam. This was not my first time in Amsterdam, as I had visited the city the previous summer. But this time, I arrived for a crazy 24 hours with two of my best pals Oscar and Beni.

Obviously 24 hours is a really short amount of time but the thinking behind this was that flights to Amsterdam were generally cheaper (we got ours for under £30, the best place to find the cheapest flights are on SkyScanner).

We also had time against us, we planned to meet other friends in Budapest on a specific date, but before that we were due to visit Berlin prior to Budapest. Annoyingly, this meant less time in Amsterdam, however, that did not stop us from throwing ourselves in at the deep end.

We stayed in the cheapest accommodation we could find, in this case, it was Bob’s Youth Hostel (around €20 Euros per night). It was clean and central, exactly what we wanted. We dropped our bags and headed straight for a bar.

Although the pints were expensive in some of the first few places we visited, we eventually found a great little bar/coffee shop called Hill Street Blues. This was situated by one of the main canals and they did huge pitchers of beer at a cheap price. Not only that but it was also a good atmosphere, the leather seating and low-key lighting was stereotypical Amsterdam and everything I wanted. As well as serving beer they also allowed you to smoke weed in the bar (one of the few cities in the world where it is legal for tourists to smoke weed), so during the hours we spent drinking we were slowly getting hot-boxed by fumes residing in the bar.

Eventually we caved in and decided to dive into typical Dam culture and headed to a coffee shop (for those of you that don’t know a coffee shop is somewhere you can buy and smoke weed in Amsterdam). We headed to a place I knew from a previous visit called The Jolly Joker, it is super central and would highly recommend if you’re ever in Amsterdam. A very laid back and bohemian atmosphere, sat on an upstairs balcony, it was the perfect setting for the remainder of our evening.

We bought a few pre-roled joints and got to the point of intoxication where Oscar and I nearly convinced our female friend, Beni, to attend one of Amsterdam’s finest live sex shows. Fortunately however, she eventually saw sense but it was a hilarious few hours.

We decided to call it a night, as we had to be up early for our train to Berlin. We stumbled our way through the red light district (an infamous location where a concentration of prostitution and general sex-oriented businesses goes on), so as you can tell, a hilarious place to be if you’re drunk or high.

However, I want to highlight that there was a group of us, it was before midnight and there was still big crowds around. Anytime beyond twelve it starts to become a dangerous place to be where you need to have your wits about you, you’ve been warned.

We made it back to the hostel and I was out for the count, it was safe to say we had fully thrown ourselves into Amsterdam culture – but not necessarily in the most cultured way.

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