Bars, beers, Berlin- my summer travels


IMG_1993 2
Berliner Pilsner – Our favourite drinks during our stay in Berlin


The next stop on my travels was Berlin, due to a previous visit I’d managed to gain some minimal inside knowledge on the best place to stay in Berlin, Kreuzberg.

The former West-Berlin neighbourhood oozes an alternative bohemian culture, whilst being a home to many of Berlin’s greatest artists, and not forgetting that it is incredibly cheap.

The hostels in Kreuzberg will be the most expensive purchase you’ll make whilst you’re there, ranging from €10-15 (depending on your room choice) there is some great hostels. BaxPax hostel and 36 Rooms are two great hostels, the latter being a converted eighteen hundreds town house.

The first night in Berlin was spent bar hopping, we headed to bar called Luzia, situated in central Kreuzberg. The bar resembles everything great about Berlin, all kinds of people, all kinds of furniture and all kinds of cool – perfectly mismatched. The drinks prices were very cheap and it was the perfect place to kick back and enjoy your friends’ company.

Another alt/quirky bar I’d recommend (along the same strip as Luzia) is Bateau Ivre. As well as serving drinks, I learnt the hard way that they also served food. My friends and I noticed a specials board, with what we thought was a list of beers, my two friends opting for a €3 beer and I saw what I thought was a €2 euro beer.

My friends ordered their beers, I went and asked for mine and what followed was a confused look, plastered across the bartender’s face “you want a cheesecake?” – he asked. From that point on, I went a colour that closely resembles a tomato, my friends were in hysterics. Fortunately the bartender was great about the situation, and laughed it off with me, eventually pouring me a beer.

Lesson learned; unless you speak the language of the country you’re in, make sure for certain you don’t order a bloody cheesecake when you want a beer.

All that aside, the bar had a great location, which poured out onto the Kreuzberg streets. I’d also point out that many people just brought alcohol and sat around the general area, a summery Kreuzberg at night always feels like a street party.

I’ll update you all shortly on the remainder of my stay in Berlin, because there is so much more to say.

See you later,



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