Sightseeing and Suicide Circus, my summer travels


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The Berlin Wall, East Side Gallery



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Double Os


In my last blog post, I spoke to you all about what I did on my first day and some of my favourite bars in Berlin (Kreuzberg). However, in this post I want to talk about the remainder of my trip; the tourist spots and the best nightlife.

We spent our days exploring central Berlin, my favourite part above all, was walking the Berlin wall. If you come from the Kreuzberg end of Berlin, the wall is much more impressive that side (also known as The East Side Gallery).

The wall is located along the bank of the river spree, the mural stretches all the way into central Berlin, decorated with expressive, tongue-in-cheek, liberated street art. It is without a doubt my favourite tourist attraction within Berlin. The walk takes you into the city centre where you’re in touching distance of The Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Victory Column, two sites that I’d also recommend seeing.

One thing I can take away from my visits to Berlin, was how different their clubbing style is. We knew Berlin was renowned for it’s nightlife and I’d previously been to Tresor, a club like nothing I’d ever seen before. Within those four walls it seems there are no rules or boundries, just raving and techno.

But this year I wanted to venture elsewhere, obviously there was a huge desire to visit what many regard as the world’s greatest club, Berghain. For those of you that don’t know about Berghain and their infamous door policy I’ll hyperlink for more info. Neverthless, all Berghain had open was their panorama bar, which means only one level of the super club was open, with that in mind we decided that Berghain would be for a different occasion.

We had previously read up on a club called Suicide Circus, an alternative techno epicentre that resembles underground Berlin culture. So we made the plunge with suicide circus and were not disappointed, we arrived around 2am (clubbing generally starts much later in Berlin) and didn’t leave until 9:30am. It almost felt like being in a Vegas casino, you’re having such a good time you begin to lose track of time itsef.

Clubbing in Berlin is an experience like no other, it’s actually quite hard to put into words, the only thing I can recommend is going to experience it for yourself.

Go and get raving,



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