Budapest’s best budget attractions, my summer travels

Saint Stephen’s Basilica
Fisherman’s Bastion
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Buda park fun

After visiting Budapest on a few occasions now, I’ve slowly worked out the best attractions and sights that Budapest has to offer, so I decided to compile a list of my favourite things to do in Budapest.

The Liberty Statue, Jubileumi-park

FullSizeRender 16.jpg
(Not actually the Liberty statue) – but the halfway point up Gellét Hill
The view from the top of Gellért Hill


The Liberty Statue

One of the first things I’d recommend is going to see The Liberty Statue, situated on the top of Gellért Hill. The climb up the hill is steep, but as you climb the view gradually gets more and more impressive and gives you a great feel for the city. The actual Liberty Statue itself, towers over Budapest and is awesome to look at; the views are unforgettable and are a great way to kick off your visit. If you can, I’d also recommend going up at sunset or sunrise for that prettier view and extra instagramable snap.

The Gellért Baths


When visiting Budapest it would be a crime to not visit one of many spectacular Roman Baths on offer, so I thought I’d share my favourite with you guys. Located against the bank of the Danube, The Gellért Baths are by far the best in Budapest, the complex was built in 1912 and emulates a Kings Landing type vibe (nerdy Game of Thrones reference there). With a vast range of pools with varying temperatures, coupled with a signature wave pool, The Gellért Baths are the way to go. Another positive is that The Gellért Baths are slightly off the beaten track; so far less tourists actually make it there. Because of this there are far more locals, allowing for a more authentic vibe than many other baths.

Heroes Square

General Heroes Square fun


Heroes Square is one of the most iconic attractions in Budapest; it’s a statue complex featuring The Seven chieftains of Magyars (the leaders of the seven Hungarian tribes) as well as many other great leaders. Although it is situated slightly further out the centre of the city, the square itself is well worth the walk (or the tram journey). The whole square boarders onto the Varsoliget, the biggest park in the city. The park contains the city’s main Roman Baths as well as the Budapest Zoo and botanical gardens, so if the square isn’t too your liking, it’s not like you’re short of other things to do.

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