How to visit Lake Bled on a budget



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The lake in all its finery 
Šobčev bajer, a lake near our hostel (not actually Lake Bled)

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Lake Bled is a typical stop off for many travellers who are interrailing around Europe, its popularity is quickly justified when you get to soak in the amazing scenery first hand. However, unfortunately Bled is a small town in the centre of Slovenia and about an hours drive from the capital city, making getting there slightly tough. So in this post I’m going to discuss the easiest way to navigate yourself around Bled along with some helpful tips/shortcuts for general money saving during your visit.

Staying in Bled is quite expensive, so I would suggest finding some accommodation slightly further out. We settled on Lesce-Bled, which is only a few miles away and very well connected with Bled itself. There are incredibly cheap buses (around $1 to the lake) and trains, which run all throughout the day and into the night. We were fortunate enough to find a hostel that ran a free shuttle bus to the lake in the morning and evenings, which was really useful.

The hostel was the 1A Adventure Hostel, averaging at £10-15 per night, it was an obvious choice because of logistics, cleanliness, free wifi and they offered a free breakfast!

In terms of tips for the Lake itself, some areas are free to sunbathe and use the lake whereas others aren’t. We managed to find an area next to the Slovenian Olympic Rowing Centre (which I’d recommend highly). It was completely free and provided multiple pontoons to dive off, as well as lots of bars and restaurants clustered around the edge of the promenade.

The lake itself is stunning, with incredibly crisp and clear waters you can’t help but feel relaxed and revitalised. There are loads of activities to keep you busy when you’re there, of which hiring a rowing boat seemed a popular choice.

We were also lucky enough to find a company that ran shuttle buses to the nearby Spodnje Gorge, which borders onto the huge Slovenian national park. For a small price the gorge offered you a chance to complete an hours walk, following a string of streams and waterfalls, where at the end we were able to jump in.


The beautiful Spodnje Gorge


IMG_2268 2If you do ever end up visiting Bled/ have the opportunity, you are incredibly lucky and should definitely seize any chance to go. I would go back in a heartbeat, enjoy!




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