Espressos in the Emerald Isle, Dublin’s best coffee spots

I was recently lucky enough to spend sometime in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. Originally known for brewing ‘the black stuff’ (that being Guinness), over the past few years there has been a caffeine rush in Dublin which has inevitably led to a coffee boom. A movement that doesn’t look like it’ll stop anytime soon, even the 2016 World Barista Championships took centre stage in the Irish capital this year. So being the coffee enthusiast I am, I decided I’d better take a closer look.

I spent three days in Dublin and during that time I managed to pin-point three coffee stops that I hadn’t really experienced elsewhere (I’ve also included a few other snaps from my trip for you to enjoy).


A snap of the sun begining to set over the Temple Bar area



Being candid and taking in the scenary from the Guiness Storehouse’s panoramic bar



Trinity College



This is a famous stop throughout Dublin, offering your daily dose of contemporary coffee shop. It’s clear that the staff have put a lot of work and thought into the image of 3fE, both as a coffee shop and as a business. There was a clear passion and aesthetic that I was a big fan of and if you visit, you get a very unique experience 3fE style.

3fE provides a hustle and bustle big city feel, this isn’t your average laid back, hipster free loading, chilled out coffee shop. This place is churning through customers and battling down queues pouring out the door, but if queues are that long then the coffee must be good, right?

My only gripe would be that whilst the coffee is great, €3.50 for a small take away cup of coffee is arguably over priced, however, if you decide to sit in they will give you a free complimentary jug of sparkling water, so it all swings in roundabouts. Located slightly outside the city centre near the financial district, 3fE is definitely worth a visit.



COCU, “A healthy obsession”, if you’re looking for great vegetarian, vitamin bursting café, this is the place for you. Located in Dublin’s ‘hipster triangle’, just outside of of Temple Bar area, COCU provides cheap healthy breakfasts and meals. I came here as soon as I landed in Dublin and I was not disappointed.

The staff were super friendly and attentive and the food was pretty reasonable. I went for avocado on soda bread topped off with bacon (yes I know I said vegetarian café but they do offer some solace if you’re a meat eater like me).

I’d definitely recommend this place for a healthy lunch or breakfast, the only negative I’d say is that because they’re super eco-friendly, they only offer recyclable cutlery and having to hack through sourdough and soda bread with a plastic fork isn’t the easiest of tasks.

The Fumbally:

I honestly think I’m in love, I’d be happy to pay the air fair just to visit this place on it’s own, the experience I had there was perhaps one of the best I have ever had in a coffee shop. Every single box for me was ticked and it was so worth it.

The Fumbally is a community cafe serving an eclectic menu of health conscious dishes and locally roasted coffee. The food is different, fresh and delicious. All the ingredients and the care with which they are put together is the key to the successful food.

For me The Fumbally eggs were delicious as a breakfast/brunch and dare I say, were the best eggs I have ever had. Trust me words can’t describe, you just need to go yourself.

I travel around a lot and genuinely cannot think of coming across too many cafes like this in the world. It could easily be found in the hippest corner of Brooklyn and trendiest street in Berlin, it truly represented everything that is right about the 21st century hipster coffee shop aesthetic.

The Fumbally really is incredibly successful too but they publically say themselves that they refuse to expand because they do not want to lose the magic of keeping it a small, tight knit, coffee community. This place is a must guys, please go for your own sake.

Cheers for reading and until next time,



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