10 Things to do in Lisbon


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Looking out over Alfama



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Disko metros repping the Lisboa hills


  • LX Factory




The LX Factory is a must see in Lisbon, what was just an industrial complex on the outskirts of Lisbon is now an artistic haven. Often known as being the coolest quarter in Lisbon, the LX Factory is home to a multitude of creative stalls, shops, food places and a nightclub featuring underground/upcoming artists like Mount Kimbie and Jessy Lanza. As well as that, it has alternative cafes and restaurants to vintage jumble sales and the world’s craziest bookstore. If you are visiting Lisbon, definitely put an afternoon aside to visit this creative hub, and bring you wallet because there’s too much food to not try!

  • Aguas Livers Aqueduct



This is a historical 18th-century aqueduct based on the edge of Lisbon. One of Lisbon’s oldest monuments, the aqueduct was built due to a lack of drinking water throughout Lisbon, but thanks to King John V that is no longer the case.

The aqueduct is based on the edge of Parque Florestal de Monsanto, which is the largest woodland area in Lisbon. It also must be noted that the aqueduct is out of the way and I would personally recommend paying a small taxi fee as opposed to trying to walk, unlike what we did and instead got lost for hours!

  • Castle of São Jorge


This Castle dates back to the medieval period of Portuguese history and paying a small fee of €5 you are allowed to gain access to the castle and walk the walls. Along with this, it also offers the best view of Lisbon, overlooking the terracotta roofs of the historic city center, offering a spectacular 360-degree view, you’d be a fool to miss it.

  • Alfama


Alfama is located just below the Castle of São Jorge and is known for being the oldest district in Lisbon. It offers a look into what Old Town Lisbon would have looked like, as you weave your way through the cobbled maze-like streets. These days it is also known for being a young and fashionable area of Lisbon but it still hasn’t lost any of it’s old charm.

  • Parque Eduardo VII


Much like Castle of São Jorge, this too offers stunning views of Lisbon right down to the Ocean. It’s a long green stretch of gardens and topiary, coupled with archaic statues and water fountains. It is the perfect place to stop, have a picnic, take in the scenery and maybe have a sunbathe.

  • Take a boat ride to Almada and Cristo Rei



Whenever you’re at the waterfront in Lisbon you always get a great view of Almada and the iconic statue The Cristo Rei. Should you want to take a closer look, have a wonder to the Case do Sodre and pay a small fee of €1.40 and get the ferry over to Almada. In Almada itself there are lots of lovely bars with great views of Lisbon, The Cristo Rei and the 25 de Abril Bridge.

  • The 25 de Abril Bridge



This is honestly one of the coolest bridges I’ve ever seen; the suspension bridge resembles that of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The gigantic structure bellows down on the Santos area of Lisbon and is a great addition to the Lisbon skyline, joining the city of Lisbon to neighbouring Almada. It is best seen from any angle, but you get a particularly good view from Almada.

  • Rossio Square


The Rossio Square is a beautiful square coupled with stunning water features and next door to the Castle of São Jorge. It’s in a slightly more commercialised area of Lisbon where new meets old, situated in the heart of Lisbon.

  • Estrela Basilica



Visiting this Basilica was one of the most surreal mornings of my life, by paying just a small fee of €3, you can visit the roof terrace of the Estrela Basilica. We were fortunate enough to have the whole roof to ourselves coupled with a captivating view of the city’s old town. This should definitely be on your bucket list.

  • Praça do Comércio



The Praça do Comércio is a beautiful open square filled with restaurants and impressive architecture. Located in downtown Lisbon, it borders the waterfront and offers great views at sunset. It’s seemingly a go to evening spot for families, offering a wide selection of bars and affordable restaurants coupled with a huge open square where children play amongst a variety of street performers.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Lisbon! x


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